Groups are smaller gatherings of people meeting throughout Bristol to build friendships, grow spiritually & transform our city.


Groups meet weekly or fortnightly on Tuesdays evenings for 10 weeks only. There will be 3 terms in a year and each term you have an opportunity to sign up for a different group.

Groups will feature food, worship, bible discussion, prayer and mission.

Joining a group

Signup for groups next opens on Tuesday 10 September and closes on 6 October. There are groups for everyone, located around the city and you can browse all the available groups below.

The first term of groups will run for 10 weeks only from Tuesday 8 October until Tuesday 10 December. 


Finding a group

Use the interactive map below to find a group.

Use the below filters to help find a group that meet on a particular day or with people of a similar age. You can also search by post code.

Click on the red pins on the map to view the group information and click the signup button to get connected.

Note - Signups for groups will next be available from Tuesday 10 September and close on 6 October.